Thermalboard Compared to Warmboard R

Brand Names: Warmboard
Thermalboard Compared to Warmboard R

Thermalboard vs Warmboard R

A good product that is very expensive. Warmboard is the leading sales company in the industry that insists on denigrating virtually all competitors’ products, including our own.

Benefits of Thermalboard Radiant Floor Heating


Cost Effective


Low Profile (5/8")


Easy Installation


Factory Direct


Free Freight


High Performance


Layout Design


Remodel Friendly


Light Weight

Performance & Design

Performance Issues

Unfortunately, Warmboard feels the need to exaggerate their good performance utilizing an in-house testing methodology used by no other manufacturer in the industry. This methodology conflates fast response time with system efficiency which is simply not correct.

They have good performance, just not as good as they promote. Side by side testing of many radiant systems conducted by Virginia Tech University, demonstrate that Warmboard and Thermalboard extremely close in performance.

Design Issues

  • Price: Warmboard R is approximately twice the price of Thermalboard per square foot.
  • Materials: Warmboard R uses composite OSB board. Thermalboard uses composite MDF board.
  • Tubing Spacing: Warmboard R uses a ½” tubing groove, 12” OC. Thermalboard uses a 3/8” tubing groove,8” OC.
  • Aluminum: Warmboard R uses .025” thick aluminum. Thermalboard uses .010 aluminum.

Installation Videos


See the installation of a Thermalboard licensed product in an existing home.

Easy Installation with Thermalboard

See the installation of a Thermalboard licensed product in a major remodel.

Radiant Wall: How to Make a Heated Wall

See a Thermalboard licensed product installed in the wall!

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