Thermalboard Compared to
Radiant Gypsum Concrete Pour

Common Brand Names: Hacker Industries GYP-SPAN® Radiant, Maxxon Gyp-Crete Thermafloor

Pourable gypsum based cementitious material can be applied over tubing radiant stapled to a subfloor by licensed applicators.

Issues to Consider


Thermalboard is more efficient that Gypsum pours, as shown in lower supply water temperature data below. Thermalboard responds much faster than the high mass gypsum pours. Thermalboard provides heat when you want it.


Thermalboard is typically less expensive than a gypsum pour for projects less than 2000 sq ft. This varies by job type. For older detailed cost comparison analysis Click Here.


  • Gypsum applicators do not provide project design layout…Thermalboard does.
  • Gypsum pours result in a high mass, slow responding system. People want heat sooner, rather than later. Thermalboard is fast responding.
  • Gypsum applicators use the same big trucks required for large commercial jobs, resulting in higher costs for small to medium projects.
  • A Gypsum pour surface cannot cost-effectively accommodate nailed hardwood. Thermalboard accommodates all floors goods easily.
  • Heavy. A gypsum pour weights 12-14 lbs/sq/ft, often affecting joist sizing. Thermalboard weights 2 lbs/sq/ft.
  • Double plating: An extra plate must be installed to accommodate the extra 1.5” of gypsum thickness. Cost issue. Possible height issue. Not required with Thermalboard.


Radiant Gypsum Concrete Pour:

Performance Data: For purposes of comparison, select a given R value (resistance of radiant system and flooring goods)… let’s say R-1. Follow that line down to 20 (btu/su/ft) output on the x axis and then straight down to the water temperature required to meet that load, at the bottom. The lower the temperature, the more efficient the system type.

This data is provided by the particular manufacture or from the Design Manual of Zurn Radiant, a leading manufacturer radiant tubing.

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