Thermalboard Compared to
Heatply or DIY Plywood Grooving

Brand Names: Heatply… or do it yourself custom plywood grooving.

Plain grooved plywood.

Issues to Consider


Heatply performance claims are simply inconsistent with rest of the industry. Heatply publishes significantly better in-house performance than Uponor Quik Trak, another bare board product, however, Quik Trak has aluminum underneath and equal to Thermalboard. Heatply claims simply defy physics and common sense.


  • Plain Plywood: Plain plywood as employed by Heatply, has poor heat transfer characteristics. A poor choice for radiant heat transfer not using an aluminum surface. Thermalboard uses a board with twice the density and heat transfer capabilities of plywood.
  • Aluminum Advantage: Aluminum is 1500 times as conductive as wood spreading heat laterally and upward for even, comfortable and efficient performance. Aluminum is a key ingredient in any quality radiant heating board design.
  • Stripping: Since Heatply inherently requires high water supply temperatures, it is prone to stripping on the floor on cool evenings, especially in high heat load rooms with tile or other hard surface materials.
  • Design: Thermalboard provides design layout services.
  • Cost: The life cycle costs of Heatply are much higher, while the first cost should be less. Pay me now or pay me later.



Performance Data: For purposes of comparison, select a given R-value (resistance of the radiant system and flooring goods)… let’s say R-1. Follow that line down to 20 (btu/su/ft) output on the x-axis and then straight down to the water temperature required to meet that load, at the bottom. The lower the temperature, the more efficient the system type.

This data is provided by the particular manufacture or from the Design Manual of Zurn Radiant, a leading manufacturer of radiant tubing.

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