Thermalboard Radiant Floor Panel Heating

Sustainable Radiant Panel System

Perfect for Modern Homes. For specifiers who strive to include both efficiency and sustainability in their building heating solutions, Thermalboard is the superior selection over wood fiber or gypsum radiant panels.

Thermalboard Over Subfloor Sustainable Radiant Heat
Sustainable Substrate with LEED® v4 Credit Support

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ThermalBoard Sustainable Radiant Floor Heating

A Truly Sustainable Radiant Floor Substrate

Light weight, low profile, and easy to maneuver – Thermalboard is the perfect solution for specifiers of modern homes who strive to include both efficiency and sustainability in their building heating projects. The substrate is constructed from 92% pre-consumer recycled content and meets LEED® v4 Criteria, with zero formaldehyde and no-VOCs.

WBI Radiant Panel Manufacturer and mechanical engineering firm Monterey Energy Group discuss modern radiant floor heating.

Radiant Floor Heating in Custom Homes

With passion and expertise, our guests discuss how hydronic radiant floor systems can influence a project’s score on the Active House Radar, providing valuable insights into the benefits of this innovative technology.

Whether you’re an architect, builder, or simply interested in cutting-edge sustainable solutions, this episode is a must-listen.

Thermalboard Performance

Thermalboard is a highly efficient, fast responding radiant heat panel system. Our system was designed to supply lower water temperatures resulting in lower operating costs to the owner. Our fast response system allows for rapid heating up and cooling down for easy control and comfort.

ThermalBoard Heat Flow Density Chart

Zero Formaldehyde


Zero VOC Adhesives


Dense & Durable


Recycled Aluminum

Thermalboard Performance

Thermalboard Energy Efficiency

While energy efficiency may not be a feature of sustainability, it is a desirable feature for green homes. Thermalboard aluminum laminated low mass system is a highly efficient method for delivering hydronic heat, making our product part of broad-based carbon reduction strategies and an excellent technical partner with geothermal and air to water heat pumps in achieving Net Zero Energy building solutions.

Compatible with Most Flooring Goods

We provide detailed instructions & graphics for installation over most floor coverings. Thermalboard works with most flooring goods including:

  • carpet
  • tile
  • stone
  • hardwood
  • marble
  • laminate
  • vinyl
  • ceramic
  • brick
  • concrete
  • wool
  • urethane
  • bamboo
  • thinset mortar
  • cork
  • rubber
  • softwood
  • sheet vinyl
  • linoleum
  • + more
Thermalboard Eureka Cost Effective Radiant Heat Panels

Cost Effective Radiant Floor Heat

Thermalboard is far less expensive than integrated structural plywood radiant panel systems and many other panel systems with equal performance in independent testing. An excellent alternative to gypcrete and cement.

Ideal with Hydronic Heat Pump Systems.

ThermalBoard is a low supply water temperature panel.

Installation Videos

Follow the guide for a quick installation overview of Thermalboard. For more detailed instructions you can download our free Installation Manual here.

DIY Installation Guide with Step by Step Instructions

Step by Step DIY Installation Guide

Need more installation tips? Check out this step-by-step guide!

Easy Installation with Thermalboard


Higher Efficiency


Fast Responding


Low Profile (5/8″)


Low Water Temp

Design & Layout CAD Services

Each project receives a board layout for accuracy and ease of installation. We also offer optionally complete mechanical design services. We offer both a CAD panel layout service and a complete system design service. Virtually all projects select our panel layout service with some choosing a full turnkey system mechanical design and specification.

Optional PEX / Manifold & Mechanical System

Optional PEX Tubing
Optional Mechanical System Available
Optional Manifold System Available
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