Thermalboard Compared to Uponor Quik Trak

Brand Names: Viega’s Climate Panel and Uponor’s Quik Trak are the same product under different brand names
Thermalboard Compared to Viega Climate Panel

Viega’s Climatepanel is made of grooved 1/2” thick plywood with the aluminum on the underside using very small 5/16” PEX pipe.

Quik Trak / Climate Panel Design & Performance Issues

  • Increased Efficiency: Thermalboard is significantly more efficient than either product resulting in lower operating costs. Factory charts show these products need MUCH higher water temperature than Thermalboard to meet a heating load.
  • Design & Layout: Thermalboard provides board design layout. Quik Trak/Climate Panel do not.
  • Faster Response: Thermalboard responds faster than Climate Panel or Quik Trak.
  • Better Tubing Size. Thermalboard uses larger tubing requiring fewer manifold drops.

Benefits of Thermalboard Radiant Floor Heating


Cost Effective


Low Profile (5/8")


Easy Installation


Factory Direct


Free Freight


High Performance


Layout Design


Remodel Friendly


Light Weight

How Quik Trak / Viega Compares to Thermalboard

Thermalboard Is Far Easier to Install

Tubing: The choice of ½” plywood forces the use of a very small specialty PEX tubing (5/16”) that requires many more, shorter loops with the resulting additional manifold drops OR the use of excessively long loops for this size tubing resulting in energy inefficient high head pumping. Either way is an unattractive choice.

Cost Competitive

Thermalboard is directly competitive with Quik Trak or Climate Panel, delivered factory direct to your job site.

Less Expensive Installation

These products use very small, specialized tubing than force the need for short radiant loops and more loops resulting in more manifolds and overall more labor.

Sold Direct to Contractor

No more wasting time sorting through hundreds of parts on Supplyhouse or Ferguson. Thermalboard is sold direct to contractor — no assembly required. 

Installation Videos


See the installation of a Thermalboard licensed product in an existing home.

Easy Installation with Thermalboard

See the installation of a Thermalboard licensed product in a major remodel.

Radiant Wall: How to Make a Heated Wall

See a Thermalboard licensed product installed in the wall!

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