Thermalboard Compared to Gypcrete

Common Brand Names: Hacker Industries GYP-SPAN® Radiant, Maxxon Gyp-Crete Thermafloor
Thermalboard Compared to Gypsum Concrete Pour

Pourable gypsum based cementitious material can be applied over tubing radiant stapled to a subfloor by licensed applicators.

Thermalboard Installation

In contrast, Thermalboard is easy to install, cost effective, and suitable for all flooring goods.

Gypsum Pours are Costly, Heavy, and Difficult to Install


  • Complicated Installation: Gypsum applicators do not provide project design layout. Thermalboard does.
  • Expensive Freight: Gypsum applicators use the same big trucks required for large commercial jobs, resulting in higher costs for small to medium projects.
  • Not Suitable for Hardwood: A Gypsum pour surface cannot cost-effectively accommodate nailed hardwood. Thermalboard accommodates all floors goods easily.
  • Heavy: A gypsum pour weights 12-14 lbs./sq./ft. often affecting joist sizing
  • Double Plating Required: An extra plate must be installed to accommodate the extra 1.5” of gypsum thickness. Cost issue. Possible height issue. Not required with Thermalboard.

Benefits of Thermalboard Radiant Floor Heating


Cost Effective


Low Profile (5/8")


Easy Installation


Factory Direct


Free Freight


High Performance


Layout Design


Remodel Friendly


Light Weight

How Thermalboard Compares to Gypsum Cement Pours

Better Performance with Thermalboard

Thermalboard is more efficient that Gypsum pours, as shown in lower supply water temperature data below.

Thermalboard has a Faster Response Time

Thermalboard responds much faster than the high mass gypsum pours. Thermalboard provides heat when you want it.

Thermalboard is Low Profile and Light Weight

Thermalboard is only 5/8” thick and weights about 2lb/sf/ft. Gypsum concrete is typically poured 1 ½” think weighing 12-14 lb./sq./ft.

Thermalboard is Cost Effective

Thermalboard is less expensive than gypsum concrete pours for projects less than 2000 sq ft.

Installation Videos


See the installation of a Thermalboard licensed product in an existing home.

Easy Installation with Thermalboard

See the installation of a Thermalboard licensed product in a major remodel.

Radiant Wall: How to Make a Heated Wall

See a Thermalboard licensed product installed in the wall!

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