Quick Installation Sequence

Follow the guide below for a quick installation overview of Thermalboard. For more detailed instructions you can download our free Installation Manual here.

Step One

Make a plan. See layout deal in our Application Manual.

Step Two

Clean subfloors. Make sure to correct high and low points so surface is even.

Step Three

Start from the furthest point from the manifold and place each board in your pre-determined pattern.

Step Four

Cut filler boards and place them in your pattern.

Step Five

Mark and number your boards for reference.

Step Six

Align the boards with short lengths 3/8″ PEX

Step Seven

Pull out boards and apply construction sub-floor adhesive. 

Step Eight

Fit boards in place, then align, staple, or screw.

Step Nine

Walk the tubing into the grooves and tap the high points with a rubber mallet. 

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